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Rosell officially announced as new Barcelona president

Although the news of Sandro Rosell becoming the new president of Barcelona isn’t new, he has officially took over the services of Joan Laporta as he Joan went on to wish him the best of luck. Although they were 3 other contenders looking to take over as Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell was able to take that spot earning most of the votes on June 13th.

Joan Laporta has brought much success to Barcelona and is by their best president yet to date as he has earned 12 silverware trophies in just a 7 year span. Having won the tremble as well, Laporta is definitely going to be missed and the fans must hope that Rosell can either match the success that Laporta brought or exceed it. Either way, Laporta wishes Rosell the best as he went on to say the following :

“As the outgoing president, I have to say on behalf of myself and all of the board that we leave here happy with the work we have carried out. With all my heart, I wish him the maximum success and good luck in the next six years.”

As for the new president of Barcelona, Rosell had the following to say :

“We want these six years to mark a new golden era for Barcelona. Today it is an honour to be presented before all of the socios as the new president. I put myself at your service to make this Barca a reflection of your desire and at the same time a point of reference for all clubs across the world. The challenge is a very big one, but we are Barca. We won the league, we can win a title next month (the Spanish Super Cup) and we are the club with the greatest representation at the World Cup.”

Sandro Rosell has a great team to work with as it is and with the addition of David Villa already being added to the club, it is not sure if Rosell will still chase down Arsenal captain – Cesc Fabregas – or if he will decide to keep it moving and look elsewhere.

Think Rosell will be able to match the success of Laporta who is by far the best president Barcelona has ever had? Sad to see Laporta leave? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.