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Rooney Becomes United’s Highest Paid Player

England striker Wayne Rooney finally ended the rumours surrounding his future when he put pen to paper on Friday and signed a new 5 year contract with the Red Devils. Rooney’s new deal will make him the highest paid player in United’s history.

However, for the skeptics out there, many might be led to think that Rooney was actually holding out for a wage increase. He was never going to leave United and the only way he would have his way is if he threatened to leave.

It’s not known if Rooney and Ferguson resolved their row and time will only tell, however, judging by Ferguson’s remarks after Rooney signed his new contract, many including myself were led to believe that things are okay.

So just how much will Rooney be earning per week? Hold your breath… 250,000 Pounds. Yeah, a quarter of a mill. Rooney joins the exclusive club of players who earn more than 200,00 pounds.

These are Yaya Toure, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Rooney signed a 60 million Pound deal that we see him stay at the Theatre of Dreams for another 5 years.

This comes after a group of fans protested outside his Manchester home saying ‘Sign for City and die’. This might have had an impact on Rooney’s decision considering just how much Rooney is idolised by United fans.

Rooney will now have a hard time trying to regain the trust of fans and coach and he is expected to receive a few boo’s when he takes to the pitch for United after he recovers from his ankle injury.

Photo credit: from Gambling