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Ronnie Party’s The Night Away After Juve Win

Ac Milan’s emphatic 3-0 win over rivals Juventus gave their Brazilian star Ronaldinho the green light to party the night away in Turin. These late night antics is what made him part ways with Barcelona and we can only hope that history does not repeat itself at the San Siro. However, you know what they say, all work and no play makes Ronnie a dull boy.

We all know Dinho loves music. In fact he is on record saying that if he were not a footballer he probably would be a musician. Ronaldinho headed for a Brazilian restaurant after the game before moving onto to club that had Samba singers from Rio performing.  Ronnie’s brother Roberto De Assis who also happens to be his agent turned 39 on Sunday and his birthday was added to the party train.

Reports suggest that Ronaldinho even gave a little performance before eager fans jumped onto the stage to try and ge this picture. While Milan were celebrating their win, Juve coach Ciro Ferrara was preparing for his Wednesday night Italian Cup round of 16 match against Napoli. Ferrara who has compared himself to the famous boxer Rocky Balboa, knows that a defeat today will end his career.

I wish Juve the best of luck but when you are on a streak be it winning or losing, it is very hard to stop the momentum.