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Ronaldo Will Be Missed For a Month

Well the first serious blow to Real Madrid came, frustratingly, in a World Cup Qualifier over last weekend.  And I’m sure by now you have heard that Cristiano Ronaldo will be out for some significant time thanks to Portugal using the injured player due to their desperate position regarding a World Cup birth.  Real Madrid just suffered the consequences of benching the star player a week ago in an away loss to Sevilla, but that was due to the player’s questionable ankle.

Ronaldo had ankle surgery last season and Florentino Perez’s club decided to rest the star player knowing perfectly well that the season was a marathon and not a sprint.  Well for Portugal’s main interest in the star they were thinking about nothing more then the next week of football action.  They know that if Ronaldo is on the field then their chances of making the Cup just got that much better.  Unfortunately, following an ankle injury that will sideline the star player for three weeks, the road to success for both clubs just got that much rockier.

Real Madrid is unhappy with Portugal right now, but one thing the club should consider is would they have handled the situation any different if they were in Portugal’s position.  Imagine the club benching Ronaldo in the Champions League final due to a lingering ankle injury.  It would never happen.

I’m not saying that what Portugal did was the right thing because it obviously wasn’t.  But with matches against Valladolid, Sporting Gijon, and Getafe and a Champions League match against AC Milan, Real Madrid should roll on with out their star. 

Because that is what really good teams do in these situations.