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Ronaldo Waddles Into Corinthians Camp

He’s considered the best active footballer to ever play the game. He leads all players in total career goals for the World Cup, and he’s won more Golden Boots then just about any person on the planet Earth.

And when it comes to eating competitions Brazil’s Ronaldo is first class as well.

After all last season Ronaldo proclaimed days before a match that he would have a sensational multiple goal performance.  The night before the predicted match the Brazilian legend was discovered outside of a nightclub by a surveillance camera chowing down on two chili dogs around 3:00 AM.

In other words Ronaldo’s career has been known to be challenged before by his large appetite and lack of discipline. In fact many would claim that it was Ronaldo’s love for food and partying that saw him outed from competitive European league football. In his prime the man was one of the greatest to ever play the game, a three time FIFA Player of the Year, and a key man for teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan.

But Ronaldo’s professional football reputation and pants size have altered over the years and during the World Cup of 2006 several footballers and critics alike laughed at the forwards bloated size, lack of stamina, and diminished skill. And today the man’s legendary form has all but disappeared under a huge layer of fat rolls and a reputation for not giving matches the same effort the man puts into devouring a meal.

And earlier this week the living legend reportedly showed up to train with his Brazilian club Corinthians and appeared to be in horrible shape. With a large belly and a lack of speed Ronaldo kicked it around with the squad’s youth team and supposedly looked terrible over the training exercise.

And following the practice Ronaldo admitted that he is in bad shape and needs fifteen days to reach what he refers to as a full level of fitness. Ronaldo does have a decent excuse for his unshapely frame due to the fact that the forward has been recovering over the last three months from a thigh injury and was likely off his feet for the 90 days span.

But of course if Ronaldo was in better shape in the first place then his injury or time needed for recovery would have been much less.  But at least following the practice Ronaldo did the right thing and admitted that he is in terrible shape and is willing to improve his lowly level of fitness.

And just to show how nice a guy Brazil’s Ronaldo is, he even agreed to a few photo op shots with a female fan following the press conference.