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Ronaldo Turns Down Offer to Play With Balls

Ronaldo, the famed Brazilian striker, played for some of the greatest teams in the world in the best leagues in the world. He won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award three times. He is the highest goal scorer in the history of the World Cup, a tournament he won twice. He truly is (or was) “The Phenomenon”.

Siena, the Italian Serie A squad, made an offer for Ronaldo yesterday. But he replied “no thanks”. Siena is a mid-table team (12th of 20) and not a “big enough name” for Ronaldo. He desires a larger stage (which may be needed due to his ever-expanding waist).

It sounds crazy, but it may be time for a MLS squad to take a chance on Ronaldo. If not now, when? He’s already past his prime. If we get him after his next stop, he’ll be past his expiration date. Would any team take a chance on him?

Well, they can’t deny that when he was healthy (and younger), he was one of the greatest strikers ever. Plus, he’ll sell enough jerseys worldwide to pay for himself.

But, Ronaldo has not played since February. He’s had three major knee surgeries. He’s 32. He really doesn’t have much left in that enormous tank of a body. If MLS wants him, it needs to go after him now. How much would it cost?

Oh, it would be pricey. Probably too pricey for MLS, unfortunately. I’d love to see him play here though.

But, he’ll more likely play for Flamengo in his native Brazil. They will love him there, no matter what.