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Ronaldo Throws Them Bows

Creative Commons License photo credit: zugaldia

In the words of the famous musical artist and poet, Ludicrous, Cristiano Ronaldo was caught throwing “them bows” on the pitch a few weeks back.  And the star Real Madrid player has made it very well known that he was not pleased with the two match ban that he received following the red carded incident against Malaga in the 70th minute.  In fact Mr. Ronaldo has made it a little bit too clear how he feels regarding the incident.

Ronaldo has given just about every excuse in the book for the reason why Patrick Mtiliga was left with a broken nose (including accusing the defender of being too short), but he has yet to admit that his tactics were a little bit too rough for a match of organized football.  I am all for loose penalty calling and letting the boys play the game as they say, but what Ronaldo was doing out there was red card worthy and his constant disapproval of the league’s judgment will likely not help his case.

Who knows maybe by the time this article is published Ronaldo’s suspension will be reduced to one match.  But the Portugal star should be forced to sit both matches out.  His reaction on the pitch to the card was even a bit out of line.  He did not seem like his demeanor was affected in anyway by the fact that he had just blatantly broken a guy’s nose with a few fierce jabs to the dome.  Instead he seemed as if he was truly shocked to be called for a penalty at all. 

Ronaldo should consider himself lucky that he was awarded just a two match suspension.  If the league was really fair then they would allow Patrick Mtiliga to throw a bow or two back at Ronaldo’s highly valued face. 

Too bad Ludicrous isn’t the Commish.