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Ronaldo, The Sports Agent and Marketing Whiz?

Brazilian World Cup and European football legend Ronaldo is beginning to discuss his post-football career and the all time World Cup leading goal scorer has already announced that he is hanging up the boots in 2011. The man with a tremendous appetite for scoring goals and devouring chili dogs recently admitted that he plans on starting up a sports marketing company and hopes to be directly involved with the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Ronaldo revealed his future career path to Estado de S. Paulo newspaper on Sunday and the famous footballer also said that he would like to get into the business of buying and selling players as well. The marketing firm which is titled “9ine” has no definitive date of opening up its doors yet, but the 33 year old footballer is expected to retire next season although he has yet to announce a specific date.

Ronaldo has made headlines in the last few years for often coming into training camp in horrible shape and his appetite for football has been overtaken by his appetite for chicken wings since he hit his thirties. But I suppose when you have achieved as much success as Ronaldo has and are in fact one of the three greatest players to ever play the game then it could become quite easy to lose your motivation to continue to train hard. So it appears that the former national team’s star career will soon end.

Ronaldo believes that the growing economy in Brazil, the rich football culture, and the arrival of the World Cup next time around will make for a successful post-football career in sports marketing. I’m not ready to title the legend Ari Gold yet, but his successful resume and rampant popularity in his homeland will likely lead to a wonderful new career for #9. And the job title of “marketing king” is far more impressive then the title of “hot dog eating champion” anyway.

And we all know that Ronaldo is the best at any task he takes on, so I’m sure his future in sports marketing will be as successful as his brilliant career on the pitch.