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Ronaldo Ready For Barcelona

So with Real Madrid and Barcelona scheduled to meet tomorrow at the Bernabeu for their first leg  Copa Del Rey quarterfinal fixture, attention is already starting to get centred around the Messi – Ronaldo debate.

Truth be said, although the debate is starting to get boring, it will be interesting to see how Ronaldo responds to his critics and the world player of the year. It’s funny how everyone is quick to criticise Ronaldo when he is not scoring but are very slow to praise him when he is banging goals left, right and centre.

Sure Ronaldo has been very ineffective in Madrid’s last 3 fixtures, however it is not as bad as the media are making it to seem. And plus every player is allowed to have some off time, provided it does not last forever like Torres.

Speaking to DT ahead of the fixture, Ronaldo was quoted as saying that he does not feel any pressure for the game.

“I always try to relax before a game. The pressure doesn’t get to me. I try to stay positive and always see new challenges. My mental strength is very important to me,” Ronaldo said.

“I just want to win every game and play well. That’s always my goal; put in a good performance and get a good result. I don’t mind who the opponent is because my motivation will always be the same.

Real Madrid are 5 points ahead of Barcelona in the league and are in a perfect place to walk away with the treble this season. It won’t be easy, however, i do not see them throwing away such a lead in the league or falling out by the way in their journey towards a 10th Champions League crown.

“When you’re happy and enjoying your football, you only want good things to happen to the team and have fun.” Ronaldo concluded.