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Ronaldo Not the Dancing Type

Cristiano Ronaldo takes his football seriously.  How do I know this?  Because he is one of the best footballers in the entire world.  So when you are one of the best you don’t want anyone to challenge your dedication to your craft, right?  Well Cristiano Ronaldo is no different then anyone.  Well except for the fact that he is recognized by over half of the world, is worth so much money he could dive into a pool of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck, and is friends with respectable women like Paris Hilton.

But other then all of those things he is still just like anyone else.

Ronaldo recently received libel damages over a column written in June of 2008 in The Mirror.  The gossip newspaper had an article claiming that Ronaldo, while recovering from his knee operation last season as a Manchester United player, was seen in a popular Los Angeles nightclub dancing and drinking heavily.  The article went on to mention that Ronaldo apparently threw his crutches to the floor in order to break it down on the dance floor during his supposed belligerent jig.

Ronaldo was obviously not pleased with the stories fiction and claims that he does not drink alcohol ever (except in this picture) or go on binders when he is recovering from a serious injury.  The star is obviously angry with the media for portraying him as a booze hound when he is in reality a dedicated professional athlete. 

Obviously in this particular case Cristiano Ronaldo was in the right and deserves an apology from the paper at a minimum.  It is one of the prices of fame sometimes that these false reports happen.  Often the story is complete garbage and there is not truth to it period.  

But on the other hand, hanging out with Paris Hilton doesn’t help much either.