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Ronaldo More Happy With Three Points Than Back Heel Goal

Cristiano Ronaldo Vector PortraitCristiano Ronaldo once again scored an important goal for his team’s victory in La Liga and not only a decisive one, it also an exquisite strike since the player scored with a wonderful back heel.

Commeting after the game, Ronaldo simply being modest with his goal by admitting that he never though that his effort would ended up on Rayo Vallecano’s net as the attacking midfielder simply tried to hit the ball as had as he could.

Ronaldo was more happy with the fact that his goal was important for his team’s victory rather than the extravagant part of it, which is understandable since the player has scored plenty cracking goals before in his footballing career. The Portuguese international is simply grateful that he has once again managed to be decisive for his side as he believes the La Liga title is getting closer with the three points that Los Galacticos earned at Vallecano.

“I didn’t even think when I scored. I just hit the ball with my heel and therefore surprised the defenders and the goalkeeper. I hit it strongly enough so they couldn’t stop it. It gave us the victory, so it’s worth twice us much to us,” Ronaldo explained.

Commenting more about the game, Ronaldo revealed that it was definitely a difficult tie for the league leader as Vallecano put on an excellent fight which forced Madrid to defend bravely in the last few minutes to secure all three points. The Portuguese international also doesn’t want to think much about Barcelona’s result as he simply believes that El Real should just focus on their own matches as their success in La Liga at the moment is simply decided by their own effort.

“Rayo played a great game and made things very difficult for us. They had chances to draw the match, but we defended well and earned a favourable score. It was a messy game, especially in the opening minutes, because neither team had control of it. The coach spoke to us during half-time and we concentrated harder,” Ronaldo stated. “We shouldn’t focus on what others do so long as we do our job right.”


Creative Commons License photo credit: Vectorportal