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Ronaldo more concerned about the League Trophy rather than the Pichichi

Cristiano Ronaldo enjoyed another stellar performance for Real Madrid as the Portuguese icon went on to enjoy a hat-trick in Madrid’s 5-1 win against Athletic Bilbao. Although Ronaldo is definitely in the running for the Pichichi trophy, the former United star went on to show great humbleness and selflessness as he stated that his main objective is to win the league trophy and not the Pichichi.

The hat-trick marked Ronaldo’s 14th league goal out of their 12 matches thus far this season and is ahead of rival Lionel Messi by one goal. However, the Portuguese star went on to say that he doesn’t score for his personal glory but for his club. Ronaldo went on to say the following on Real Madrid’s official page:

“Our two first half goals were important, but we only got better in the second. We have a great team and we are very happy. I am also happy that I scored, but all that matters is that we won. I play hard to win the league; winning the Pichichi does not matter to me.”

As Barcelona went on to open a scoring clinic against Almeria defeating the club 8-0 away, Ronaldo is not concerned about that game, “The 8-0 at Almeria doesn’t tell me anything, let’s see if they score eight goals against us on Monday,” said Ronaldo to SoccerNet.

Do you think that Real Madrid will be able to defeat a red-hot scoring Barcelona? Who has the better chance in winning the Pichichi, Ronaldo or Messi? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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