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Ronaldo Criticises Melo

Juventus Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo proved just why he was voted Serie A’s worst player for 2009. Melo was part of the Selecao’s World Cup squad that  was bundled out of the tournament in the quarter finals for the second consecutive time.

As you would expect, fans are not taking that defeat too well. One fan in particular, told Melo not to return to Brazil for holiday. Three time world player of the year and record world cup goal scorer Ronaldo Nazariao da Lima wrote on his twitter account that Melo should come back to Brazil for holiday.

Felipe Melo better not come to Brazil for his holidays,” Ronaldo said via his Twitter.

“I don’t understand the lack of communication between Melo and Julio Cesar. When he comes out Julio always shouts, but this time both men went for the ball,” added Ronaldo commenting the own goal.

“To my friends with sympathies, it’s a difficult time, but you guys are warriors. [World Cup] 2014 will be he soon and we will have a great one.”

I said this before, picking Melo over players like Pato, Neymar and Ronaldinho was Brazil’s biggest undoing. Not only did Melo cost them heavily in the Quarter finals, but he also proved his critics right.

In all fairness to Brazil, if there was one thing i did like about their squad, it had to be their backline. With Cesar in goal and Maicon, Juan, Lucio and Bastos in defense, Brazil had one of the best defenses in the whole tournament.

That said, after failing to lead Brazil to their record 6thtitle, Dunga quit as Brazil coach. The world cup winning captain had this to say:

“Millions of people wanted the title, including myself,” he told the Brazilian press. “I know there are a lot of sad people but there isn’t a sadder group than us. It’s too late to blame someone, I was one of the leaders and there are others like the squad of twenty two and the coach who are all guilty.”

Top on the CBF’s list to succeed Dunga is their 2002 world cup winning coach Luis Felipe Scolari.

Photo credit: from Calcio Better