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Ronaldo Concerned About Bayern's Attacking Threat

Cristiano Ronaldo is full of confident ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League clash against Bayern Munich at Santiato Bernebau, but warned his teammates that they must keep a close eye on the German’s attacking players if Los Blancos wants to advance.

Ronaldo acknowledged that the Bundesliga outfit possessed a very strong attacking players, which could easily decide the outcome of the match, just like what happened in the first meeting.

“The players who play up front concern us most. Gomez is one of the leading goalscorers in the Champions League, and (Franck) Ribery and (Arjen) Robben are also very dangerous. They are very good up front, and at the back as well, but we have to be focused on the four in attack because it is one of them who will make the difference,” Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo himself also ensured Madrid fans that they are ready to face Bayern and promised a much more attacking performance compared to what Los Blancos gave in the first leg at Allianz Arena. The Portuguese star also revealed that their excellent home record this season is one of the main factor that pushed their believed in overcoming Bayern’s challenge this Wednesday, added with their recent success against Barcelona, Los Blancos morale is o a high indeed.

Furthermore, Ronaldo also stated that Madrid’s success in getting an away goal could also be a crucial factor that will help their advancement into the final this season, something that is highly anticipated by all Los Blancos players. The ex-Manchester United man admitted that making into the Champions League final has become an ultimate ambition for them, especially after crashing out in the semifinal last season in a rather bitter way.

We are well. I’m sure that at home we are going to win because we are playing in our stadium, in front of our own fans and we have everything we need to be able to win. It’s going to be a very difficult game, but I’m hopeful of a Madrid win. They played at home and won, but we got a goal there, which is also important,” Ronaldo added. “I hope we reach the final because it is very important to us players, to Real Madrid and to our fans throughout the world.”