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Ronaldo Breaks a Nose and Real Madrid Overcomes

Cristiano Ronaldo
Creative Commons License photo credit: Paolo Camera

Cristiano Ronaldo received a red card in Real Madrid’s match with Malaga on Sunday.

He also broke a dude’s nose. 

I suppose the problem is that Ronaldo thinks it’s a “disgrace” that he received a red card even though his arm (in full swing) broke Patrick Mtiliga’s nose.  Perhaps it was unintentional, but you’re a professional athlete and you should be more self-aware.

What’s more disturbing is a claim from a Real Madrid official that Ronaldo is an “entertainer” and he should be given preferential treatment.  Wait, so if I just run around clothesline people it’s ok as long as I’m an “entertainer” and I “just want to play”?

How on earth does that make sense?  I only predicted Real Madrid would crumble this season because I thought the “stacked” line up wouldn’t pan out.  I had no idea that the core of Madrid’s organization completely lacked character!

This is a new thing for me.  I’ve seen general managers and team presidents stick up for players.  I’ve seen them pay player’s fines.  I’ve seen them work the “back-channels” to get players more money, more favor, and more privilege. 

I have never seen someone of authority in a professional sports organization proclaim to the press that it’s ok to physical wound players from others teams, break the rules, and wonder why that’s bad.

To say I am disappointed in Real Madrid is an understatement.  I thought they were going to fight to the end and give me a reason to pat myself on the back when they fell apart.  Now,it’s kind of a hollow victory.

Anybody can say that a classless organization can fall apart.  That’s easy.

If only I had known that Real Madrid had NO class before I made my prediction. 

I guess it’s time to rethink those things…