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Ronaldo Begins the Road to Recovery

A week ago it was reported that Cristiano Ronaldo was about to begin running on that repaired ankle that the star player injured over nine games back and earlier this week Ronaldo began doing individual workouts with the team’s trainer.  As of Tuesday Ronaldo began doing ball dribbling and skill workouts still without the squad and by the end of the week Ronaldo was expected to begin training with Real Madrid once again.

And it has been a long road back for the Real Madrid star.  Already ruled out of his international match last Wednesday to clinch a World Cup birth and also ruled out of Madrid’s league match this weekend, Ronaldo has not played in a football match in over two months now, but at least it appears that the most expensive player in the world will be ready to go in time for November 29th against Barcelona

Only two games remain on the schedule before that battle and this weekend the squad will face Racing Santander without their star player.  Then in the middle of next week Madrid faces FC Zurich in a Wednesday Champions League match and by next weekend Ronaldo will definitely be back for that match against Barca

So it seems as if the wait has nearly ended to see one of the best players in the world return to the pitch.  And what would be a more fitting time then in the next week with the two battles coming up on the schedule.  There is no word on whether or not Ronaldo will make it back in time for the Champions League match, but you know the guy will be out there next weekend. 

It is simply destiny.