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Ronaldinho’s Agent Rubbishes Transfer Rumours

I never once believed that Ronaldinho would leave the San Siro so confirmation from his brother and agent Roberto de Assis  that the Milan star is staying put, has definitely put a smile back on my face. Yeah, i know your probably asking yourself why there is so much talk surrounding Dinho’s transfer and you might have even read my post here http://www.serieaticketsonline.com/ronaldinho-reaches-agreement-with-flamengo/ and are wondering why i am writing so much content on this one player.

Simple, first because i appreciate talent whenever i see it and second because Dinho is the biggest player of this generation. I do not need to go over the list of accolades and records that Ronaldinho has won and achieved, i think we all know most of them, however, it is important to remind my readers that even though Roberto de Assis (Dinho’s agent) rejected reports of Ronaldinho’s transfer, until the play maker puts pen to paper and signs the reviewed deal that his brother is talking about, then there is still some reason to worry albeit only a tiny fraction.

That said, the benefits of Ronaldinho staying with the Rossoneri  outweigh those of him transfering. Speaking to Italian daily Gazetto dello sport, Dinho’s agent had this to say:

“Ronaldinho has never expressed a wish to leave Milan,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport. “In fact we have an agreement with Milan to review his contract in the autumn.”

So there it is folks. You heard it from the horses mouth. Dinho ain’t going nowhere so you can stop worrying yourself sick. I only hope that Dinho can shed off some of those lbs before the season starts.

Photo credit: from Calcio Better