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Ronaldinho Would Rather Party Than Watch Brazil

AC Milan and Brazilian super star Ronaldinho Gaucho has been having the time of his life in the plush resort city of Florianopolis much to the chagrin of some analysts, pundits and writers who think that the 30 year old, 2 time World Player of the Year should at least be  keenly showing an interest in Brazil’s World Cup games. Despite not featuring in Dunga’s 23 man squad Dinho still affords the rare pleasure of  making the headlines with his every move even when he is not on the pitch.

We all know Dinho loves to party and have a good time and after an amazing season with the Rossoneri, he is by all means entitled to do what he wants in his own free time. My only problem with how this news was broken , is the fact that the writer was implying that Ronaldinho should instead be supporting the Selecao.

Personally, Dinho partying the night away does not bother me. If Dunga was expecting Dinho’s world to crumble after his exclusion from the Brazil squad, he was dead wrong. Not only is Ronaldinho enjoying himself, but he is also at peace knowing that his performances for Milan last season warrant a good holiday.

With money not being a problem for the 2 time FIFA World Player of the Year, Ronaldinho has been spending time in the Brazilian resort of  Florianopolis with team mate Alexander Pato and former Man City forward Jo.

Two week’s ago, Ronaldinho was spotted in Las Vegas along with club mate Dida in Club Haze and he is also expected to attend  Brazilian rap star Marcelo D2’s concert later this summer.

My advise to Dinho is, enjoy yourself while you still can because in a few weeks time it will be back to another very challenging Serie A campaign.

Photo credit: from jmvnoos in Paris