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Ronaldinho Will Play for AC Milan

Authority of a Summer - RonaldinhoRonaldinho has gotten the Landon Donovan treatment from his AC Milan side this summer and the Italian club recently expressed their desire to place an embargo on any and all potential transfer offers for the Brazilian superstar.

Apparently no amount was enough for the team’s MVP last season and the club’s vice-president Adriano Galliani recently stressed that Ronaldinho is hopefully going to remain a member of the Serie A family for life:

He is a Milan player, we will not give him up, the hypothesis should not even be considered. He has never asked to be transferred. He will remain at Milan next season and I hope even longer.

And Galliani might be clear on the fact that Ronaldinho is off of the transfer list and the rumors of an immediate departure to Flamengo, LA Galaxy, and most recently EPL side West Ham are all false. But the one problem that seems to be clearly coming in a year for AC Milan is the fact that Ronaldinho will likely leave due to the desire to move to a more marketable destination then the Serie A side.

If the rumors are true that Ronaldinho has been contacted by these previously listed clubs and they have been negotiating figures that means that the midfielder is preparing to leave next season by the latest and he is possibly figuring out his best next destination this off season. And the three options are all pretty good ones for Ronnie so far, considering he is nearing the retirement years of his career and the next stop might be his last as a professional footballer.

It will be a big payday then, but for now Ronaldinho is still a member of the Italian side.

photo credit: AdrianoIt