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Ronaldinho — Not a Good Fit for AC Milan?

The Brazil, while still one of the best in the world, really does not have the girt and intensity needed to carry AC Milan to the Serie A title.  Why spend lavishly when you already have a bevy of playmakers including another certain Samba specialist in Kaká?  It just doesn’t make much sense.

The move continues to baffle us here at Serie A Tickets.  And evidence was there yet again in today’s 3-1 defeat at the hands of Sicilian side Palermo.  Ronaldinho missed an early penalty kick when the Samba attacker hit the crossbar.   

Palermo’s goals came in the second half, but had Ronaldinho scored in the 27th versus hitting the bar, the match might have ended differently.

Ronaldinho now has several Serie A goals, and he added to his tally with a late penalty kick goal today, but when has he taken over a match as he so often did at Barcelona or with the Brazilian national team?  Maybe he will.  Maybe he will regroup and return to his world class form after the mid-season break.  Or maybe he will single-handedly carry AC Milan to the 2008-09 UEFA Cup title.  Maybe.

He is only 28-years-old, but will we ever see the magic again?  We hope so.