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Ronaldinho Denies Criticism Of Coach

Ronaldinho recently refuted reports that he was critical of his coach Massimiliano Allegri. The popular Brazilian footballer reportedly was overheard in a Milan bar making several negative remarks regarding his new coach’s decision to play Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a lone striker during their 2-1 loss to Juventus a week back.

Ronaldinho was not included in the starting XI of the squad selected by his coach, but the Brazilian midfielder was quick to refute the Gazzetta dello Sport report claiming that the entire story was fabricated. Ronaldinho, one of the most talked about footballers in the world, told Sky Italia “that he doesn’t allow himself to judge the coach’s decision”:

In general I don’t like to speak after the games when I do play, and especially when I don’t play. No. There is nothing to all this. I have been here for three years and all the people at Milan know me. I don’t allow myself to judge the coach’s decisions and the condition of my team-mates. There is nothing true in what I read this [Monday] morning.

And you hear of this sort of thing happening to Ronaldinho all the time and I’m sure some of the rumors are often true and others are likely completely fabricated to bring in readers. Everybody knows that the Brazilian loves to party and that being in a bar after a match isn’t the most preposterous rumor ever told about the player. And the midfielder/forward would have every reason in the world to be critical of his coach considering that he was neglected from the starting lineup and the side lost a critical match with one of their star players sitting on the bench.

But on the other handmaybe Ronaldinho was not critical of his coach like he has claimed and maybe this story was fabricated because of many Milan fans likely agreeing with the Brazilian’s alleged sentiments following the match. Once again unless any video evidence is released we will never really know if the story was true or not, but either way when you are as big a star as Ronaldinho is these types of allegations often arise regardless of what really transpired.