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Ronaldinho Committed to Milan

AC Milan’s Brazilian forward Ronaldinho will be staying at the San Siro after all. The 30 year old play maker is close to signing a new deal that will see him receive a 25 per cent pay cut on his 135,000 Pound weekly wages.

However, there is a catch. Dinho will only stay with Milan if the Rossoneri finish the season in a top three position. That should not be too hard considering that they are a clear 10 points ahead of  nearest teams Palermo and Sampdoria.

Many including myself expect Ronaldinho to end his career in his Native Brazil. Milan will definitely be the last club Ronaldinho plays in in Europe before moving back home. This might be hard news for EPL fans who still possess hope of seeing the player of the decade gracing their pitches with his wizardry.

Although far from exhausting his abilities, Ronaldinho is facing an uphill task in trying to convince national team coach Carlos Dunga to include him in the Selecao’s World Cup squad. Dunga has resisted pressure from fans and former players to include Dinho in his squad and with only 58 days remaining to the opening match, things do not look to good for Gaucho.

This debate is not about to end any time soon and just in case you are tired of hearing it you are not in luck because as the tournament’s kick-off date draws nearer, the debate will only intensify. Right now Dunga has put all his teams hopes on Kaka. Kaka is very talented and no one doubts his abilities.

However, since his move to Real Madrid, he has never been the player we all come to love. In fact in all fairness, Ronaldinho is playing much better football than Kaka at the moment. I do not know what Dunga has against Dinho but one thing is for sure, leaving him out of Brazil’s squad will be the biggest mistake he will ever make.

Photo credit: from photoreti