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Ronaldinho and Adriano Tracked by Palmerias

RonaldinhoHaving a similar issues at their current teams, two Brazilian big names, Ronaldinho and Adriano are reportedly being tracked by Palmeiras, that are eager to get those two playing again in their respective country.

This news arrives after the Brazilian club’s chief, Salvador Hugo, shout out a statement stating his plan to bring back the two former super stars despite it definitely won’t be an easy job especially from financial perspective.

“It is difficult, but we are working on it because dreams can come true, both in the case of Adriano and Ronaldinho,” Hugo said to Radio Banderantes

Although there could be financial issues that might jeopardize Palmeiras’ dream but the chance are certainly there especially considering the fact that both players are spending more time sitting on the bench rather than on the field lately. Ronaldinho hasn’t started in Ac Milan’s latest seven matches and only being regularly used as second half substitutes lately, while Adriano is a little bit worse as he barely gets a playing time with Roma this season.

The guarantee of having more playing time aside from returning home to their hometown might just be an interesting offer that Ronaldinho and Adriano won’t be able to resist considering their current conditions. As for the latter, Palmeiras’ approach might really interest him but the same thing can’t really be said for Dinho as he still have few interesting offers that might give more appeal for the ex-Barcelona star.

Despite not being guaranteed a starting spot at Milan this days, there are several clubs that reportedly still keen on using Ronaldinho’s service and one of the latest bidders are English club, Liverpool, that have just had a new owner. Beside the Merseyside club, another team that have always shown an interest for the Brazilian playmaker is Major League Soccer club, Los Angeles Galaxy, which have Dinho’s former colleague David Beckham.

The future of the two Brazilians, especially Ronaldinho will surely be an interesting story to follow as whether the former Barcelona man finish off his remaining contract, that will end next summer or leave this January. Despite there is a possibility of renewal, the negotiation for it seemed really difficult as it might involves massive wages cut that the player probably isn’t interested in doing. Not only that, rumors are strongly suggested that the Rossoneri have already going in a hunt for a future playmaker with two names already being linked, they are Paolo”Ganso” Henrique from Santos and River Plate’s new wonderkid, Erik Lamela.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0