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Ronaldinho’s $2.1m Flamengo Wage Debt To Be Cleared Today

First he was great and thin then fat and great and now Gaucho is back to looking like his old self. For those who thought dinho’s best days were behind him, guess again.

The 31 year old has lost more than 80kgs (or so i could be wrong) to get back to his lean physique and if you don’t believe me, take a look at these pictures.

Ronaldinho hard at training for new 2012 season

Friendly against Corinthians on Sunday

So anyway though Ronaldinho seems to be getting back in shape, his financial situation seems to be going from bad to worse. According to local reports in Brazil, Gaucho is owed  3.75 million Brazilian reais ($2.1 million) by sports marketing firm Traffic who pay his salary.

Ronaldinho however traveled with Flamengo to Bolivia for a Libertadores Cup match in the world’s highest altitude pitch. Club President Patricia Amorim maintained that Ronaldinho would play and that his problem would be fixed soon.

“We are not working with the possibility of him not playing,” she said at the club headquarters.

“It looks like things will be sorted out. We’re giving Traffic options with a view to a happy ending,”

Ronaldinho’s brother who also happens to be his agent also spoke to the media concerning the pay dispute saying that he had reached a deal with the club and that the debt would be cleared today.

However, Roberto De Assis also revealed that there were no guarantees over his brother’s future with Flamengo.

“Flamengo came here, we had a meeting, we talked quite a lot about the situation and the club has until Wednesday to take a stance and come to an agreement with Traffic,” De Assis told Globo Sports.

“Nothing has been settled yet. Flamengo said they would do all they could to resolve the problem. I believe it’s in no-one’s interest to carry on like this,” he concluded.

But before you all get excited about Ronaldinho moving back to Europe, u have to realise that a potential deal can only be arrived at in the summer. However, it still is worth waiting for.