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Roma Officially On The Market

Following my latest news about As Roma’s possible sale, finally everything gets crystal clear as the Italian media confirmed that the Sensi family have agreed to put their beloved asset on the market. The family that have owned Roma for 17 years, have agreed terms with UniCredit to hand over the capital club and let the bank find a buyer for last year’s serie A runners up.

As it was reported earlier due to the debts their having, the Sensi family have been offered to let go some of their assests to UniCredit including Roma who currently being valued around 120 million Euro. However, until a new owner is found Rosella Sensi will still be in charged of running the club as it is necessary to keep the ship steady as leaving the club that the society and city loves without people managing it would cost a big problem for the team.

The interesting part will surely begin to occur soon as interested people would be knocking on the Roma’s door offering their cash and vision as a bid to acquire the club, especially with the fact the capital club is an interesting investment in football. Now with the Sensi family having no ultimate control on the selling, would foreign investors that previously been rejected by the family takes another again shot this year. From Rosella Sensi’s statement, I can pretty much sense that her family wants whoever that buys the team must have a true passion about the team’s history, affection to the city and the fans that have supported them all of this years.

“This agreement has been reached with the consensus of all parts, but specifically in the interests of protecting Roma which belongs to the city and something we all hold dear, Rosella Sensi stated about the decision of selling Roma.

Now, Roma fans will be nervously waiting for the sort of changes that will come to their club, will the be a new spending force in Italy or will they crumble due to mismanagement from an incapable owner. Until that happen at least they can still hold their breath as the Sensi family will still lead the team and would probably uses their influences in getting the best leader for the Giallorossi.