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Roma Looks To Out Fox Inter

Megan Fox at the Transformers Premiere
Creative Commons License photo credit: Megan Fox Rules!

Before the season began I thought that Roma’s chances of beating out Inter for the Serie A title was about as good as my chances of landing a date with Megan Fox.  Well apparently the regular top four powerhouse has a real chance this season (at winning Serie A of course).  As for Miss Fox, well, at least I figured out a clever way to get here picture up on the SATO. 

Roma has had a red carpet type of run recently where all the attention has rotated to thehot club.  Inter suffered a setback last weekend with a 0-0 draw against Sampdoria and Roma took advantage of the situation by beating Catania 1-0 and thus gaining two points on the Italian powerhouse.  This is critical because it narrowed the lead from seven points to five meaning that the margin to surpass the defending champs is less then two total matches.

If you have followed the Serie A season then you know that Roma experienced one of the worst starts of any squad in the competitive league.  After switching coaches and acquiring Luca Toni (who has been hurt BTW) the club has been arguably the hottest of any club in any major league.  If you are a beleiver in momentum then Roma is the best team in the league.  Will they surpass Inter though?

Probably not, but the fact that they are keeping it a race is similar to Real Madrid in La Liga.  Last year both winning clubs cruised to championship seasons and did not even have to earn the title in the last month.  This season seems to be a different story in both leagues. 

They will probably have a similar result by season’s end, but the race for the title this season is much closer then ever before meaning that just about anything can happen in the last few months of the season.

But what about Miss Megan Fox?  Will she too accept my offer if such a thing were to happen?  Well I’m not holding my breath on that one.