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Roma Back on The Market In January

Lazio vs AS RomaStill trying to find consistency in the league, As Roma confirmed that their work will keep on going again in the January transfer market as their sport director, Walter Sabatini, confirmed that the Giallorossi will be entering the market this winter.

Not only that the capital club are eying to get players, their coach, Luis Enrique is requesting but some of their current roosters who isn’t fitting with the tactician’s plan will also get their future determined.

We will go back on to the transfer market to aid integration and correction of the squad, We have not spotted any grave issues, but the Coach did make a perfectly legitimate request for new players. This also fits in with those players who have not been used very much this term,” Sabatini said to Romanews.

Some of the current Roma players who are reportedly heading out from the capital and gets replace are Marco Borriello, Juan and also Fabricio Simplicio, who since the start of season doesn’t seem to interest Enrique. The ex Barcelona coach has frequently stated from the start of season how he is much more interested in acquiring young talented players instead of keeping experience ones, especially those who aren’t tactically fit to play with the tactician’s setup.

Moreover, aside from confirming Roma’s action in the January market, Sabatini also revealed his thoughts about the on going negotiation regarding Danielle De Rossi’s contract, which seemingly will continue until the winter. The director is still very optimistic that De Rossi will eventually renew with the capital club, although things might really get worrying should the Italian international keeps on delaying until the end of season since by that time the midfield player’s contract will end and he can leave on a free transfer.

“The contract is an absolute priority for us and for him. We are very confident, “Sabatini added.

Compare to getting new players, keeping De Rossi looked to be Roma’s toughest challenge in the market, especially since there seems to be an indication that the midfielder will only decide his future after knowing where the capital club’s new future heading. With big clubs such as Manchester City, Real Madrid and Ac Milan are showing strong interest on the Italian international, obviously the Giallorossi’s management must be very cautious if they are still serious in keeping the 28-years-old with them.


photo credit: Catatan Bola Photo Gallery