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Messi Named Best World Player

I’ve said it one million times, but I will bring it up one more.  Lionel Messi is the best player in the entire world.  Any objections?

Didn’t think so.  And the reason why nobody objects to this statement is because it is true.  Look at what the guy accomplished in the last year of his life alone.  He won six different titles or Cups for Barca (a perfect six for six might I add) and he also won every important individual award to win.

He was La Liga Player of the Year, UEFA Champions League Forward and Player of the Year, and now FIFA World Player of the Year.  Plus he earned the first ever treble (La Liga title, Champions League title, and Coppa del Rey) in Spain’s long running history.  In other words Lionel Messi had a busier year then anyone reading (or writing) this blog.  And, oh, did I mention he is also only twenty-two years old.

That’s right.  He is at that age where most of us were living off Ramen noodles and Natural Light as a diet, but the question then arises that has Messi accomplished too much at such a young age?

I know many of you laugh at this question thinking that there is no such thing as too young to be successful, but what if Messi reached his peak too early and his motivation and potential dwindle over the years?  One thing that is known to kill motivation is guaranteed money which apparently is what Messi has a lot of now.  Will Messi be the man of the next decade the 201?s or will he pull a Brazilian Ronaldo and become the New Years Day blimp? 

Only time will tell what will happen ten years from now, but today Messi is the best player in the world.  And I can say I told you so.   Even though you probably already agreed with me in the first place.