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Robinho to Barca this Winter?

Brazilian star forward and Manchester City footballer Robinho is often a player rumored to be available for next transfer window in January.  Manchester City was only second to Real Madrid this summer in million dollar mega deals for star players and the Blues likely wouldn’t mind making some money back off of the star players high demand. 

Plus Robinho is a former La Liga player, who played for Real Madrid a few years back, and the Brazilian has expressed interest in rejoining La Liga and playing football in Spain:

It’s not easy to say no to a club like Barcelona.  They are European champions, they’re in a lovely city and I like Spain a lot.  I have always wanted to play at clubs like Barcelona. It’s a great club, any player would be happy for them to show an interest. I’m happy that Barcelona have taken notice of me.

It seems as if Robinho’s loyalty to his former team, Real Madrid, has evaporated likely due to the limited playing time the star received when he was a member of the squad.  Also it seems a bit surprising that Robinho would want to leave Man City right when they have turned around their club and are competing for the Premiership title.

But maybe Robinho put it best when he made this statement:

Who wouldn’t like to play alongside Xavi, [Andres] Iniesta, [Lionel] Messi, [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic and all the rest? I like Barcelona; they’re a great club.

Well put, sir.  Well put.