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Robinho Happy In Brazil

Once touted as the next Pele, Robson De Souza has failed to live up to many people’s expectations since his big money move to Europe 5 years ago. Robinho is on course to make history and be remembered as one of if not the only Brazilian player to have been unfairly judged.

To be honest, contrary to what many pundits and all the reports have to say, Robinho was not a European flop. A flashback into history will reveal that his career with Madrid was highly successful by all standards.

In my opinion, poor coaching decisions and lack of talent development are the main reasons that caused his star to dim. It was only after Fabio Capello joined Real that Robinho’s career started to falter.

Capello resorted to benching Robinho during the early months of the 2006/07 season for what he claims was the strikers flashy appeal. That was to be the beginning of the end for Robinho’s Madrid career.

Things got worse for Robinho when he was Betrayed twice by the then Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon who went back on his word andrefused to renew Robinho’s contract. Calderon had planned to use Robinho as bait to lure Cristiano Ronaldo to the Bernabeu.

Robinho was furious when he learned about this and immediately decided to end all contact with Real . A move to the EPL was arranged with Chelsea being his most likely destination. As we all know that never happened and Robinho finally joined Manchester City in a record 32.8 million Pound transfer that made him the Premierships most expensive player.

Robinho’s city career was not successful and after less than 2 years, he was back in Brazil with his childhood club Santos. Now the 26 year old has come out to say that he is happy in Brazil and would not mind staying with Santos.

“I hope to continue at Santos, but we have to talk to Manchester City.

“That is the most important thing because we must respect their position. But I want to stay here.”

Should Robinho decide to return to Europe then he might end up in Italy at Milan with Ronaldinho- a player he is very fond of.

Photo credit: from Fernanda Luz