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Manini looking to reunite with Ibrahimovic to strengthen squad but still has other possibilities

Manchester City was so close to making the Champions League before Tottenham were able to sneak up from behind and still the number 4 spot and now it seems as if Manchester City coach, Roberto Mancini, will be looking to add even stronger players to the squad as he looks to rebuild to ensure a top 4 finish in the next season.

With rumors already stating that Ivory Coast star, Yaya Toure, will be making his way to Man City from Barcelona, Mancini will also be looking at either signing Milos Krasic, Edin Dzeko or even Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Although I don’t see Barcelona selling Ibrahimovic to Manchester City as Ibra can definitely be used as trading bait to acquire Cesc Fabregas, I do see Manchester City closing in on Edin Dzeko who has been heard to be looking to join a stronger club.

One player that City have already signed to strengthen their defense is former Hamburg defender, Jerome Boateng. Now with the rumors of more superstars to come, it will interesting in seeing who Mancini will be able to land exactly.

Mancini went on to say the following to Tuttosport :

“Many players are linked with City, often for convenience. We are used to raised prices, but in reality we cannot buy dozens of players. Of course we aim to strengthen. Krasic or Dzeko? One really interests us, the other doesn’t. Who? I cannot say.”

As far as Ibrahimovic, Mancini already had the pleesure of coaching him at Inter Milan where Ibra shined the most and will be hopeful in reuniting with Ibra as he feels that he is one of the best strikers in Europe. Mancini said the following :

“In my opinion, Ibra is the best striker in Europe. It makes me laugh when people say he misses crucial chances.”

Think Mancini will have a chance at signing Ibrahimovic from Barcelona? Or do you see either Dzeko or Krasic making the switch? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below