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Robben Performs Deja Vu Act on Man U

Awaiting the free kick
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ben Sutherland

deja vu: the illusion of having previously experienced something actually being encountered for the first time.

Arjen Robben: the illusionist that performs such an act.

Arjen Robben might not have the name power of a Rooney or even a Gilardino, but one thing the guy should be well known for is his ability to create goals in the most vital of moments.  Two straight Champions League series ended with a Robben finish that made everyone turn their heads.

The first performance came in the 16 team second round knockout against Fiorentina, when the Flying Dutchman fired a laser into the far corner of the net from outside the box to seal a spot in the quarterfinals.  Then against Manchester United yesterday, Robben performed his deja vu act from a slightly closer position in the box thanks to a perfectly placed corner from Ribery.

And the finish ended Sir Alex’s dreams of winning the Champions League this season, just like the previous finish ended Fiorentina’s dreams a round earlier.  But what makes Robben one of the best players in the world, ironically, isn’t even his finishes.  Robben plays with a gritty, unselfish style and he crosses the ball into the box and passes it away much more often then he attempts to score. 

But with the illusionist’s skillful second half finishing in the Champions League, it is hard to expect the guy to remain so unselfish most of the time.  But such an act performed so well can only happen so many times in a tournament, right?  Well it’s happened twice, but I’m sure Robben wouldn’t mind seeing his shot fade into the far corner of the net a few more times.

But I guess we will find out soon enough. 

An illusionist never reveals his secrets anyway.