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Rio Ferdinand Has To Watch TV To Get His English National Team News

Believing just got a little harder…

Rio Ferdinand is the new Captain of the English National club that will duke it out at the World Cup this summer.  Good for him.  He found he was the new captain by seeing the news on TV.  Bad for England.

If anyone wants to challenge my assertion that Fabio Capello is a poor manager that’s fine, but you’d be ignoring the facts.

What’s better is that Ferdinand says he hasn’t talked to Capello in the 3 weeks that he’s been the new Captain.  Then he said, about this situation:

“I haven’t spoken to the manager yet. He does it a certain way.”

I’m sorry, but that sounds like code for:

“This man is an idiot!”

And did you notice that he called Capello “the manager”.  This feels a little bit like Bill Parcells calling T.O. “the player”.  That says everything I need to know.

I fully believe that Rio Ferdinand is happy to be the Captain for England, but he’s pissed off that it happened like this and that his manager is a fool.

I’d be upset too.  If you were Ferdinand wouldn’t be be afraid that you’d find out you’d LOST your captaincy on the TV as well?

Fabio Capello, in attempting to deal with his team through the media, has already put-off his new Captain.

Oh, and then media reports came out that the English were putting aside all the crap and scandals.  Yeah, so?  What’s the difference now?  You all already look silly.  Notice that they are over the scandals, but they still won’t say that they’re behind John Terry and want to support him.

When Michael Vick got pinched for FEDERAL DOG FIGHTING CHARGES his former teammates said. “We support Mike.  We don’t condone what he did, but we support him and wish him the best.”

Take a lesson in class from the NFL…please.