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Ricardo Carvalho now joins the band that believe Mourinho is the greatest coach

Many people believe that Jose Mourinho is the “World’s Greatest Coach” and now newly signed, Ricardo Carvalho, has also went on to say the same. Having arrived from Premier League champions Chelsea, Carvalho was happy to be reunited with the Jose Mourinho at Madrid.

“He is the best coach in the world, a coach who knows exactly what needs to be done. I have known Jose for many years now and I know the way he works.”

Is what the former Chelsea defender went on to say about Mourinho.

Although Los Blancos did get off to a very disappointing start to the season having tied to Real Mallorca in their opening game of the season, the 32-year old defender is still confident that they will have much success in the season. With their next game coming up against Osasuna, Madrid will have to muster out a victory if they are going to prove that they are a better team under Mourinho.

Carvalho went on to say the following :

“Our defence played with great confidence but it was a shame we couldn’t capitalise on our chances to score. We are going to give our best performance to win against Osasuna on Saturday in order to earn our first victory of the season.”

I think that Real Madrid are definitely going to start bringing in the results as the season continues on. With these many players on your squad, it’s only a matter of time before you find the line-up that will build chemistry. We must not forget that Kaka is currently out with his injury, but once he returns to action, there is no doubt that the team will be playing much better.

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