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Ribiero: Mourinho Will Force Neymar To Cut His Hair If He Moves To Real

Just days after Neymar put pen to paper and signed a new improved contract that will see him stay with Brazilian club Santos until 2014, club President Luis Alvaro Ribiero has spoken out on Spanish club Real Madrid’s aim to sign the teen sensation.

Ribiero who did not have any kind words for the European power house slammed the club’s behaviour labeling it lamentable and arrogant. Neymar has long been a target for big European clubs including Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea and although the 19 year old has always pledged his loyalty to Santos, many believe that it won’t be long before he decides to move to Europe.

Speaking to O Estado de Sao Paulo,  Ribiero affirmed that Neymar will remain with Santos and even joked that were he to move to Real, Mourinho would ask him to cut his hair.

“The behaviour of Real Madrid’s board of directors was lamentable and arrogant. Their attitude resembled a colonial mentality,” Ribiero said.

“I convinced Neymar to stay by telling him that Jose Mourinho would have forced him to cut his hair. He can do with his hair whatever he likes here.”

However, Neymars new deal is just the tip of the iceberg.  Ribiero also has set his eyes on re-signing former club icon Robinho from AC Milan in a dream move expected to mark the club’s centennial anniversary next year.

“It’s a dream to have him [Robinho] back in the centenary year and we are doing our best to make it a reality. Thanks to Neymar, Santos are now in the news around the world.”

Robinho along with Pele are two of the club’s greatest players and Neymar is expected to follow in their footsteps should he choose to remain with the club. The teen already has a superb record for the club and only time will tell if he is worth the expectations placed on him.

In my own opinion, if Neymar wants to be considered the best, then a move to Europe is a must. And if rumours doing the rounds concerning Santos pre-arranged agreement to ‘keep’ Neymar until 2014 for Barcelona are true, then its easy to understand Why Real are in such a rush to sign the striker.

Photo Credit © www.marcosalves.com.br