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Ribery Turns To CAS

The Court of Arbitration for Sport will hear Franck Ribery’s appeal of his suspension for the UEFA Champion’s League final after UEFA itself told him no way.

The appeal was heard by UEFA, but they found that he still deserved to be suspended so Bayern is taking the next step before the May 22nd final.  This is getting into desperation mode because if the CAS does not find in their favor then Bayern is screwed.  They honestly have no chance of winning the Champion’s League without Ribery.

They also have to consider that they probably have no chance of ever going back if Ribery is pinched in the underage hooker scandal that he has been implicated in.  Though those are just allegations the “Munchen” really need to do something before their club takes a major hit.  True, they could keep winning the Bundesliga until the cows come home, but the Champs League is a whole other deal.

Now, do I think the CAS will find in Bayern’s favor?  No.  The CAS picks through things, but they rarely go against the original rulings in this case and they are only looking for GROSS injustices that have been visited upon athletes or teams.  This is not a gross injustice.  Ribery shouldn’t have been suspended, but this is the worst call in the history of sports–read me at baseballticketsonline.com and you’ll figure out pretty quickly what I think the greatest injustice in sports is.

With that said, Louis Van Gaal needs ot hit the media to motivate his team.  It’s worked already and he needs to do something to make his team believe–they still might not have a chance, but they some kind of motivation and I haven’t heard a thing from Van Gaal since Bayern made the final.

Come on Louis–say something to ME!!!