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Renewing Confidence

Luci a San Siro - 15 febbraio 2009The victory against Ac Milan and Lazio in their last two matches have really grown Inter Milan’s confidence as they now already emerged in fourth position behind Udinese, an achievement considering their ridiculously poor start this season.

This situation once again spurred Inter players’ confidence over their chance in winning something this season, mainly stealing the Scudetto title from their city rival, Milan.

Wesley Sneijder, Inter’s Dutch midfield man, is one of those who shared the optimism especially after acknowledging how his team can prove their positive results can be done even against big teams such as Milan and Lazio. Sneijder, who was the target on Manchester clubs in the summer, is very confident if his team can somehow maintain their current form, the Scudetti is obviously something visible for them this season.

“Lazio are a difficult opponent to face, especially after our derby tie against Milan. “If we continue to play like we are then we can target the Scudetto, “ Sneijder revealed..

Meanwhile, captain Javier Zanetti also hits back at those underestimating Inter few months ago stating that his team has now proven their worth and essentially proving the doubters wrong. Zanetti also noted the importance of winning against Lazio as that pretty much made them able to continue their current good run, especially after previous Derby success.

“Let’s remember that a month ago many were saying that we would have to fight just to avoid relegation. They said that we were an old team, but we’ve always looked forward without stopping and this is the result. The most important thing is the victory against Lazio, We needed to continue this run of wins which is crucial in us moving forward,” Zanetti stated.

Inter are obviously on a high roll at the moment as they are collecting points after points and eventually climbing up into the table again, providing the danger for the top three clubs in the league. However, there will soon be question on how long can they maintain their current form, especially in terms of results as in the last two matches, they actually showed trend of decreased in the quality of their performances.


Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax