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Remembering Robert Enke

One year ago today, German national team starting keeper Robert Enke walked in front of a train killing himself at the age of 32. Enke suffered from depression and was receiving treatment at the time of his suicide death, but the news of the German star’s passing was hard to believe for his teammates, fans, and family.

How could somebody so talented, so calm and collected on the pitch be inflicted by such a terrible chaotic mental state off of it? How could somebody with so much potential and such a bright future just step onto a train track one day and allow it all to end?

These troubling questions will likely remain unanswered despite Enke’s fans and loved ones hoping for some clarity into the terrible situation. But today November 10th, 2010 marks a very sad day for football fans. One year ago today, one of the world’s best keepers shockingly took his own life in one of the most horrific ways possible.

A tribute was held for Enke earlier this evening in Hannover, Germany, the destination where Enke lived, played professional football, and committed suicide. Around 1,000 fans silently marched from downtown Hannover to the stadium grounds to pay their respect to their fallen hero on the anniversary of his death. Germany manager Joachim Loew, federation president Theo Zwanziger, national manager Oliver Bierhoff, and Hannover president Martin Kind all joined Enke’s widow Teresa in a private ceremony that took place at his gravesite just outside Hannover early this morning.

In a recent micro log, Zwanziger claimed that Enke was “a strong national team goalkeeper, but he had a weakness”.

Here is the rest of what the federation president wrote in the entry:

We have got to be prepared not to make such a weakness into a taboo and allow it to be kept secret, but to try and bring it out of its silence. The mourning, the pain and above all the question ‘why?’ continue to accompany us to this day. We have got to remember that that question still must be answered.

Robert Enke you will be missed.

 (24 August 1977 – 10 November 2009)