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Real Salt Lake Puts The Heat On

I was going to write about this yesterday but…… (well, you don’t have time for my saga of yesterday.)  Let’s just say it involved lots of lost work and headaches…and some rain.  I’m down here in Atlanta and it’s raining ALL the time.

Anyways, so when I saw that Salt Lake had won its match from Wednesday I was very, very happy.  Not just because I was right, but because this makes things more interesting.  Now Salt Lake is nipping at New England’s heels and they have left D.C. behind them (for now.)

Now, with their match against Toronto on Saturday, coupled with New England, D.C., Colorado, Dallas AND Seattle all playing Saturday this is going to get really hairy.  I can just imagine the mayhem that will be created when all these matches are final.

For me the linchpin is D.C. v. Columbus.  If D.C. drops this one their season is OVER.  They HAVE to win that match (against the best team in the whole league, and if I’ve made one thing clear it is that I don’t trust D.C. to get an emotional win.)  So, if D.C. loses (and I think they will) they basically fall out of the playoff chase (barring someone else collapsing) and we have a real shot for Salt Lake to get up in there and solidfy their chances.

Here’s the real question if you’re an MLS fan:  Do you think New England is good enough to beat Chicago?  (With Chicago still not guaranteed a playoff spot yet.)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust that New England (even though they’ve been hot of late) can keep their fingertips on the edge of the cliff long enough to beat a team that is:  a)  better than them.  b)  not insured of a playoff spot, yet.  c)  probably still REALLY mad that they lost to L.A. on the 2nd.

I’m just saying…

I say Salt Lake wins, New England loses, D.C. loses, and Salt Lake is in 8th place on Sunday morning.