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Real Madrid Starters Almost "Dead To" Mourinho

So is Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos, Gonzalo Higuain, Iker Casillas and Angel Di Maria all dead to Jose Mourinho?

The Special One recently stated that if his first place La Liga side were to lose to lowly Real Murcia in the Copa Del Rey, much like the side lost last season in their first leg to Alcorcon 4-0 under Manuel Pellegrini, that the footballers that played in the match would be “dead to me” for embarrassing the Spanish powerhouse by losing two consecutive seasons to a lowly third or second tier club in the tournament.

Good news for Real Madrid players is they were able to scrape together a goalless draw instead. So they technically didn’t “lose” the match the way they obviously lost the first leg last season, but the 0-0 start will put a bit more pressure on their second leg set to be played on November 10th at home for Los Blancos.  Mourinho is likely not pleased with his side for their ineffective start to the tournament’s campaign, but they at least find themselves on level playing ground heading into the second leg with home field advantage and a roster full of stars heavily in their favor.

No word yet on if any particular player is on the “Dead to Me” list yet, but I suppose some of the players will discover if they are on it or not in January once the transfer window opens backup. In all reality the six players mentioned at the intro of the article will likely remain this season and for many more to come with the Spanish side, but if they were to lose their next leg then I wouldn’t push the Special One’s buttons too much after that embarrassing day.

Because if that unlikely result does happen two consecutive years in the same tournament then heads will start to roll in Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho will be the one operating the guillotine.