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Real Madrid Stars Eager to Move On From Europe Disappointment

Real Madrid players were obviously devastated with their failure in the Champions League, but some of their stars are determined to get rid of the disappointment and set their focus back on the league.

Although securing the La Liga title looking like a formal job after their victory over Barcelona last week, but the Los Blancos stars, acknowledged that keeping the bitterness in their head could simply affected their performances in the remaining La Liga games.

Obviously, Madrid aren’t going to ruin all of the excellent work they put out in La Liga and create their own upset just when the title are simply a half step away from their grasp. With only four matches left, Los Blancos only required two more victories before they can officially celebrate their success in beating their arch rival, Barcelona, which have dominate the league in the last three previous seasons.

“We must move on. This hurts because we saw the final very near… It’s a real shame to be eliminated in a penalty shootout. It is something you never want. We must hold our heads up,” Sergio Ramos quoted.

“It’s been a harsh blow and it’s hard to get back on our feet after tonight, but we must carry on and focus on what remains of the season,” Iker Casillas commented.

“We have to take three poinst against Sevilla and we must only think about La Liga now. We have a very young and quality team. We’ll try again next year and I hope luck is on our side then,” Pepe said.

Mathematically Madrid are not 100% save yet from securing the league title, but their triumph over Barcelona on the weekend, would simply boosted their morale in sealing the La Liga this season. Among their upcoming four games, there are two difficult matches on paper, which is against Sevilla and also Athletic Bilbao, but the other two are supposedly easier for Mourinho’s team.