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Real Madrid Needs to Show Maicon the Money

Manager of Blues UnitedInter and Real Madrid are currently still trying to figure out a deal for Brazilian star defender Maicon and the treble winners agent, Antonio Caliendo, is fuming over the way Jose Mourinho’s new La Liga side is handling their negotiations for his client.   It appears that it has now become more then likely that Maicon will remain with his Italian side simply because Real Madrid isn’t too thrilled to be acquiring another player that is due to make around $7 million this upcoming year. 

And Caliendo told Eurosport this interesting bit of news of the pending transaction:

His stay at Inter is a very concrete hypothesis, seeing that he is very happy in Milan.  Anyway I am very angry with Real Madrid’s behaviour towards us. If you want to make a certain investment in a player, you also need to make sacrifices as far as the contract is concerned. In any case there will be a development this week.

Apparently Maicon is happy with Inter and the likelihood of winning a double next season in Serie A and is disappointed in Los Blancos for not stepping up and making the offer the Brazilian deserves.  Apparently Inter was willing to take less then the $28 million transfer price that was listed for Maicon, but the real problem in negotiations has been the player’s annual contract.  I find this interesting because the average Real Madrid starter makes around $7 million dollars and anyone that has ever seen Maicon play knows that he is one of the best defensive backs around.  He certainly isn’t average and he was a key man last year in Italy for Real Madrid’s special coach.

If Florentino Perez is willing to break the bank on a flashy offensive star then why not steal the defender for a quarter of the transfer market price?  I would guess if Mourinho had full management control that Maicon would already be on  the team, but (although they have Iker Casillas on their squad) apparently Los Blancos front office haven’t heard of the phrase “defense wins championships”.

Because I know Jose Mourinho has.