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Real Madrid lose and Mourinho accepts responsibility

Jose Mourinho, the coach of Real Madrid, performed an interesting psychological ploy after El Clasico. The manager said that the responsibility for the result rests solely with him, stating that ”victory has many father but defeat has only one, me”. It was an obvious case of reverse psychology, acknowledging the defeat was his but still attempting to get the Real Madrid fans on side before they turn against him.

Jose Mourinho, and the entire Real Madrid set up, are indeed in a precarious situation. They are likely to be heading out of the Copa del Ray, despite winning the competition last season, and are unlikely to win the UEFA Champions League if they have to face Barcelona at one stage or another. That means, most probably, their best chance of a trophy rests with La Liga, where they currently lead Barcelona by 5 points and the two enemies have only to meet once more, meaning that so long as Real Madrid win all of their matches, even if they lose to Barcelona at Camp Nou, they can still be champions. If that doesn’t happen, however, and Real Madrid end the season with no trophies than it is likely that Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid will part ways. That is how it appears from the outset. There are already murmurs of discontent amongst the Real Madrid faithful, some commentators and analysts have even gone so far as to suggest that Cristiano Ronaldo is angling for a move back to Manchester United.

A move back to Old Trafford for Cristiano Ronaldo would most definitely be welcomed by Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, and the Manchester United fans. Cristiano Ronaldo, as things currently stand, would probably be opposed to it. If Barcelona usurp Real Madrid in La Liga and Real Madrid end up emtpy handed than it is unlikely that Cristiano Ronaldo will be satisfied with his stay in Madrid. It will mean despite amassing way over 100 goals he will have won only a solitary Copa del Ray trophy in three seasons.

On Wednesday night in Spain Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 2-1, coming from a goal behind to win. Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring for the home side in the 11th minute, before Carlos Puyol and then Eric Abidal steered Barcelona to victory. The result meant that Barcelona have now travelled to the Santiago Bernabeu seven times in a row avoiding defeat. It is a record for an away team at Real Madrid’s home stadium.