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Real Madrid looking to make offer for Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez has been enjoying much success since his departure from Manchester United. With many people unsure about how he will perform for United rivals, Manchester City, it seems as if Carlos Tevez is becoming a much more known player than he ever was with the Red Devils.

According to Sport, Carlos Tevez is picking up interest from Los Blancos as Real Madrid are prepared to make an offer of 40 million euros for the Argentinian striker. Although Tevez is currently in South Africa with Argentina, it seems as if Real Madrid are impressed with the 26-year old and are ready to bring him to Madrid where he will partner up alongside Gonzalo Higuian.

With the possibility of Tevez making his way to Bernabeu, this will pretty much assume that Raul will not be with Madrid in the up-coming season.

Although Jose Mourinho had stated that Raul were part of his plans, if the club is interested in bringing in Tevez and accomplish in signing the Argentinian, this will only hint at Raul’s departure who was expected to make a move to Major League Soccer in the United States.

Tevez has picked up many fans at Manchester City and with his strong season at the club in which Tevez was able to score 28 goals, it is hard to know if Tevez would even want to make the switch to Spain. Madrid are prepared to make a £180,000 for Tevez and although Tevez who had said in the past that he wants to be part of a Champions League team, with the respect that the fans show Tevez and with the amount of playing time he receives with the club, it is hard to say what will Tevez do.

Think Tevez will leave City to play along-side Argentina team-mate Gonzalo Higuain? Or is it too soon for Tevez to be making the switch to the club and will decide to reject any offers that Madrid will be making? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.