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Real Madrid and Lyon Do The Champion’s League Dance Again

Panoramica 002 - Estadio Santiago Benabeu
Creative Commons License photo credit: ArchiM

The stadium might make a lift-off with the crazy fans this time around…

With Real Madrid down 1-0 to Lyon after their first match this one should be a doozy.  There’s no way in the world that a set of teams like these two–only separated by a goal–are going to do anything but go at it on Wednesday.

This time they’re going to be in Madrid and ready for a CRAZY atmosphere.  Madrid has been abuzz all season because of all of the superstar talent (it does sell tickets) and that should make the game feel more like a final and less like the Round of 16.

This atmosphere could be perfect for a team like Real Madrid.  When you’re playing just regular games and the stadium isn’t about to fall off its foundation because the crowd is going nuts then a team like Real Madrid might have a hard time getting into it.

However, they’ll be at home against a team they have to beat by 2 goals so they need to get it together and their home fans should be NUTS over this one.

The lack of veteran leadership on the club is quickly supplanted by thousands of screaming fans who EXPECT something of you–right NOW!  I love the way games like that feel–even when they’re on TV.

So, will this be a good game to watch?  Yes!  Get some friends together and your favorite beer.  Will this be a hard-fought game right down to the very end?  Yes. 

Will Lyon be able to fend off Real Madrid?  Nope.  Madrid has the perfect confluence of events happening for this match.  They’re at home.  They NEED the goals.  They NEED to advance to justify all the spending they’ve done.  The crowd will push them, and it won’t matter is Ronaldo scores 3 goals or no goals.  They’ll get the job done.

I’m calling it:

Real Madrid- 3   Lyon – 0