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Real Leaves The Door Open For Barca and Valencia

Creative Commons License photo credit: EmerandSam

Real Madrid had a chance to move to the top of the Premier Division table with a win against Osasuna yesterday, but all they could manage was a draw against a pretty weak team.

After Barca had drawn Villareal it was certain that Real Madrid could come out and capitalize on the Barca’s misfortune, but they just weren’t powerful enough to sneak a goal in against Osasuna. 

The only picture I saw chronicling the match was one of Cristiano Ronaldo sitting on the turf motioning up to someone as if to say “What’s going on here!?”

I’d ask the same thing, but I’ve been all the whole “Good teams having trouble with bad teams thing” already.  Suffice it to say that someone is going to get surprised come the end of the season and hopefully Barca and Real Madrid have this bug out of their systems.

After Sevilla fell in the standings this weekend Mallorca jumped up to take their place and now it seems that Mallorca, Sevilla, and Valencia are fighting for 3rd place on the table.  Mallorca has been up and down this season, but there is no excuse on Sevilla’s part for letting them get this close.

Moreover, with only Valencis triumphing over the weekend we have to ask ourselves two questions:

1.  How long will these skids for Barca, Real Madrid and Sevilla last?


2.  How long can Valencia keep powering through?

Given the way each team has played this season I think it’s a safe bet that the “law of averages” will kick in and each of these teams will come “back to life, back to reality” (as the song so famously says.) 

We could brace ourselves for some fallout, but I think these teams will keep it close all the way through the season with the occasional Mallorca slipping to give a challenge (only to fade away in the end.)

The two best teams in La Liga are still Barcelona and Real Madrid…but do they even believe that now?