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Raul in talks with German club Schalke

Although Raul has 1 more year reamining with Real Madrid, his departure from the club seems all but certain this summer. So what now for the 33-year old who has is a legend for Los Blancos?

Although Raul was linked with a move to Major League Soccer in the past, it seems that a possible move to the Bundesliga may be an option as well. With Schalke boss Felix Magath stating that the club are already in talks with Raul, it will be interesting in seeing if Raul will make the switch.

In a state made by Magath to Bild, Magath went on to say the following :

“We are interested in him and are negotiating with his agent. The player has not decided yet and wants time, until the end of July, to make up his mind. It would be a huge signing for Schalke and the whole Bundesliga.”

What do I see happening with the Real Madrid legend?

Although Mourinho may have wanted to keep Raul as he stated before that Raul fits into his clubs plans, I don’t see Raul staying at Madrid. With Raul being a talked about player to make his way to Major League Soccer, if Schalke can make a good offer for Raul, there is no doubt that he will rather play for the German club. At 33-years old, Raul is just looking for a place to end his career at, although the U.S. may be a better fit, if Schalke is ready to cough up a good enough decent sum for Raul, he would have to go where the money is.

Think Raul will be a good player in the Bundesliga? Would you rather have Raul make his way to the MLS? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below