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Ramires looking to make a dream move

Although Brazil didn’t end up with a strong showing in the World Cup, Benfica midfielder Ramires is still looking into making a dream move to one of the elite soccer clubs in the World. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea are the names that Ramires was said to be hoping to make a move and has dreamed of playing for these clubs in his career and at just 23-years old, Ramiers may just get that chance.

Already picking up interest from various clubs including Chelsea and Bayern Munich, I can see Ramires leaving Benfica to join a bigger club where he will be able to grow even further.


“My agent has told me that a number of clubs are interested in signing me, but this didn’t surprise me. We all know that the World Cup is the perfect stage to prove your worth. One good game could be enough to attract the interest of a big club. I don’t know the names of the clubs that are after me, but it would be a dream for me to play for a big club such as Barcelona, Real Madrid or Chelsea.” Ramiers went on to say to the Record.

With his agent already claiming that a number of European clubs are looking into signing  the  Brazilian  midfielder, people should start expecting to see Ramires making a switch soon. A few good games and offers will start coming in and just like other players that have performed well in the World Cup, Ramires needs to take advantage of the opportunity.

Although I don’t see Ramires making a switch to Real Madrid as their squad are just stacked, especially after the arrival of Angel di Maria, I can see him making a move to either Chelsea or Barcelona. I don’t know what Ramires is looking at money-wise, however I can’t see him pricing himself so high if he is serious about joining  one of his dream clubs.

Where would you like to see Ramires go? Think La Liga is where he belongs? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.