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Raiola: Guardiola And Cruyff Should Visit A Mental Hospital

Mano Raiola the agent for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mario Balotelli has continued his verbal altercations against his client’s former boss claiming that he should visit a mental hospital.

Raiola never agreed with the way Barcelona treated Ibrahimovic during his brief one year stint at the Nou Camp calling Guardiola ‘deranged’ for not picking Ibra in his squad as the season neared its end.

Raiola went one step further by including legendary Dutchman Johann Cruyff in his swipe.

“Cruyff and Guardiola should go to a mental hospital together, shut up, and sit down to play cards.”

These comments come days after Ibrahimovic openly said disrespectful comment towards his former boss in a Swedish television show. We all know Ibra is no stranger to controversy however, his latest sentiments reveal just to what extent their relationship had collapsed.

Ibrahimovic claimed the Guardiola was the inventor of football and displayed similar characteristics to those of former Indian peace advocate Mahatma Gandhi.

Meanwhile, Ibrahimovic has come out to say that he would like to finish career with Milan. It is hard to believe but Ibra has pledged his loyalty to Milan saying that it will be the last club he plays for.

“This will be my last club, and then I will quit playing football,”

Ibrahimovic is now 29 years old and has played for some of Europe’s biggest clubs including Juventus, Inter Milan Ajax and Barcelona.

Photo credit: from Catatan Bola Photo Gallery