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Rafael Marquez to discuss future with Barcelona

Currently with the Mexican National team in South Africa for the World Cup, Rafael Marquez is said to be set to discuss his future with Barcelona at the end of his World Cup campaign. Having enjoyed a strong performance thus far in the World Cup it will be interesting in seeing what is next for Marquez.

Various reports state that that Marquez is debating whether or not to sign a new 2-year contract with Barcelona, it seems as if Marquez will rather talk to head-coach – Pep Guardiola – first, before he makes any decision..

With the little playing time that Marquez received last year, it seems as if he will be discussing if he will be able to start seeing the pitch more in the upcoming season.


Marquexz went on to say the following :

“I am not thinking about what can happen in the future,” he told Catalan station COM Radio on Friday”